Adoption Profile:

Name: Cleves
DOB : 20/12/2021
Gender : Female
Breed: Tonkinese
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Taigum
Snuggle scope: loves loves cuddles
Cat scope: Untested in care, but should be ok
Dog scope: Untested
Child scope : Older children 12+


Cleves joined us from a hoarding situation in not the best shape. After many weeks of TLC, great food and clean environment she is a changed kitty.
The second she catches your eye she will start marching her feet, purring and she also has the sweetest little meows. She adores affection, and loves being brushed which she will need to keep her coat as beautiful as she is.
Due to her former life, Cleves does have some issues with toileting but positive reinforcement is starting to pay off. She will need a home that makes her feel safe and secure and will do well in a quieter home, as a lot of noise does tend to overwhelm her.
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