Adoption Profile:

Name: Gareth
DOB: 8/5/23
Gender: Male
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $225
Location: Lawnton
Snuggle scope: Average
Cat scope: Tested well with other kittens and household cats
Dog scope: Untested but should be fine with correct introductions
Child scope: Untested but should be fine with gentle hands


Hi there, so nice to meet you 😊 My name is Gareth, but you can call me Baby GaGa if you prefer. Gareth is a sweet little guy, happiest when off playing with a fluffy toy or a ball with a bell in it. The smallest of his litter, Gareth and his twin brother Iwan enjoy playful banter, a good snooze in a soft donut bed, and a jolly good dinner (preferably something with gravy). Gareth takes his time to warm up to people initially, but once he decides you are his person, he is the most loving and loyal little kitten. Gareth would suit a calm household, one where he can blossom and enjoy the space. Once he stares into your eyes and purrs, you’ll be smitten!
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