Adoption Profile:

Name: Estelle
DOB: 17/11/2022
Gender: Female
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Ferny Grove
Snuggle scope: Super smoocher!
Cat scope: Untested in care, should be fine with correct introductions
Dog scope: Untested
Child scope : Untested, but not phased by anything so should be fine with gentle children


Estelle came into care as a stray facing an uncertain fate, and euthanasia was a likely outcome. At just 8 months old, and weighing barely 3kg, Estelle had already had a litter of kittens of her own and had been abandoned and left to fend for herself. Estelle is an absolute dream, she’s extremely confident and has settled seamlessly into her new life as a pampered, spoilt house cat! She is an expressive and chatty girl and will greet you with joy every time she sees you. Estelle has a never ending purr and cannot get enough of pats and cuddles, she is a very affectionate cat but is also respectful of your personal space and has great manners.
While she loves having people around for snuggles, she’s also very comfortable in her own company, snoozing the day away when the house is quiet. She seems unphased by anything, including new people and environments, and is very curious to meet the other cats in her foster home. She is a very gentle girl who would likely be great with children, and would adapt to most households quickly and easily.
While we can’t be sure what the first few months of this sweet and tiny girl’s life held, it is apparent that she hasn’t ever had the traditional kitten experience. Estelle is thriving on a regular feeding routine and quality diet, and is already perfectly litter trained. She is just starting to discover how much fun playing and toys can be, and her daily zoomies are very entertaining to watch! After a tough start to life just trying to survive, Estelle is ready to find her forever home with a family who can show her how much fun life as a kitten with no responsibilities can be.
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