Adoption Profile:

Name: Parr
DOB : 20/12/2021
Gender : Male
Breed: Tonkinese
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Beenleigh
Snuggle scope: Loves pats, and learning to enjoy cuddles
Cat scope: Good with his companion, Howard. Should be ok with correct introductions
Dog scope: Curious about the resident dog
Child scope : Friendly with gentle hands


Part is a beautiful gentle soul, who loves nothing more than to sleep his days away – especially when a snuggly blanket is around or he is perched up on the cat post.
He came into care from an unfortunate situation and know enjoys the love of his carers and will gently snuggle up with them.
He has met the resident dog and isn’t overly phased by him. Everything about Parr just reflects his beautiful gentle soul and nature.
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