Adoption Profile:

Name: Sweep
DOB: 09/03/2021
Gender: Male
Breed: DMH
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Kallangur
Snuggle scope: Super snuggly and smoochy.
Cat scope: Okay with correct introductions, would be happy being an only cat.
Dog scope: Untested
Child scope: Good with children.



Sweep is a gentle ginger giant. He is the sweetest boy you could ever meet. He loves people, he will follow you around the house and start purring his head off as soon as he hears your voice.
He loves cuddles and tummy rubs, and is happy to be carted around or snuggled up in bed. His favourite pass time is chittering at the birds, a nice cat tower next to a window is his idea of heaven.
He’s fantastic with small children as he’s lived with them previously.
While he’s okay living with other cats, he was a solo kitty for 2 years so would probably appreciate a home without other cats.
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