Adoption Profile:

Name: Biscoff
DOB: 03/09/2023
Gender: Female
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Adoption Fee: $225
Location: Kippa Ring
Snuggle scope: on the snuggle scope, Biscoff is off the charts! She loves nothing more than a snuggle and will seek out humans and other kitties often for a cuddle.
Cat scope: She currently lives with her two brothers as well as the three resident kitties. She has just come home from a small get a way at another carers home and settled right on in, safe to say, she gets on well with all the kitties.
Dog scope: not yet tested but I am sure with the right introduction, she would be fine.
Child scope: wary at first but warms up, especially if you have a dangle toy for her to play with.


Introducing Biscoff, the petite charmer with a heart of gold, seeking a forever family to call her own! This gorgeous girl has her own unique ways of showing affection and making sure she’s never too far from where you are. She purrs like an engine and loves to give gentle head butts as she snuggles in for a nap or cuddle.
When it’s TV time, you’ll find Biscoff cozied up near your feet or on your lap (or shoulder), contentedly enjoying the show. As you walk by, she’ll graciously accept a head scratch, savoring the moments of human connection.
Currently living with her two brothers and the three resident kitties, she just came back from a short stay with another foster mum and it has been shown that she fits in anywhere.
Although initially cautious around kids, her curiosity and playfulness shines through when presented with a dangle toy. Watch her warm up and charm her way into their hearts!
Biscoff came to BFF as part of the awesome Last Litter Program, she is an affectionate and playful companion. Don’t be fooled by her tiny appearance, she’s got the weight of a brick and an appetite to match!
We would like to say that she has a heartwarming chirp, however, Biscoff likes to communicate loudly and often with her humans. She often appears to be requesting to speak to the Manager, if there is no food in her bowl or you haven’t given her the attention she deserves.
This little ray of sunshine deserves a loving family to call her own so if you’re looking for a playful and endearing addition to your home, please head over to the BFF website and click on the links for a meet and greet. You won’t be disappointed.
To arrange a meet to see if this could be your perfect match, please submit our meet’n’greet form