Adoption Profile:
Name: Isa
DOB: 16/1/2022
Gender: female
Breed: Ragdoll
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Carindale
Snuggle scope: very cuddly, always flopping for pats.
Cat scope: untested
Dog scope: untested
Child scope: untested, should be fine with gentle/older kids


Isa is the most gorgeous girl with the personality to match her stunning good looks. After settling in to her foster home Isa is a confident and very cuddly girl. She loves greeting people with a meow and is always flopping over and rolling belly up for pats and brushing purring away. Brushing, that’s something that her new family will need to keep up with. With her gorgeously thick and fluffy ragdoll coat she needs regular brushing to keep it in tip top sleek and shiny shape, and plenty of extra brushing at change of season to help remove excess hair that would otherwise become a hairball – which she can be prone to if her coat isn’t brushed. Good thing Isa loves being brushed, which makes it quite easy.
She loves her high perches on the cat tree and watching her world, but nearly always jumps down when approached so she can flop and roll at your feet. She’s still a young girl, and has the playfulness to prove it, and enjoys jumping about after toys.
When she first came into care, Isa was very stressed, which was not helped by an initial vet visit. But after settling in, even the vet visits aren’t so bad. Isa may need some time and understanding to settle in to her new home, but will quickly reward you with the sweetest girl ever.
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