Adoption Profile:
Name: Iris
DOB : 8/09/2023
Gender : Female
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $225
Location: Alderley
Snuggle scope: loves a smooshy snuggle
Cat scope: great with her own age, a little unsure about the big version, but settles quickly
Dog scope: not tested
Child scope : would be fine with older gentle hands

Iris the adorable tabby kitten is an absolute bundle of energy! She’s always ready to play and explore. With her playful nature, she keeps everyone entertained with her cute antics. And when it comes to love, she definitely knows how to melt hearts. Iris is just too adorable for words! I can imagine her running around, chasing toys, and bringing so much joy to your home. Give her a big hug and lots of love from me!
Oh, Iris must love anything that rattles! It’s like an instant invitation for her to pounce and play. Whether it’s a toy with a bell inside or even a crinkly paper ball, I bet she goes wild for it. Those rattling sounds must really grab her attention and bring out her playful side. It’s always fun to see kittens get all excited and curious about new sounds and objects. Iris sounds like she has a blast with anything that rattles!

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