Adoption Profile:

Name: Lisia
DOB: 11/12/2022
Gender: Female
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Kallangur
Snuggle scope: Loves attention, very affectionate
Cat scope: Dominant with others, ok with submissive cats but prefer to be solo
Dog scope: Untested
Child scope: Warms up quickly to gentle children


Lisia is missing one of her back legs, we believe this is most likely something she was born with but can’t be certain. She is perfectly happy and healthy, however her joint health will need to be considered long term in regards to diet, potential supplementation, and ensuring she always maintains a healthy weight. She has not encountered stairs before, so some supervision would be required while she adapts if being adopted into a home with internal stairs.
Lisia came into care after she and her kittens were abandoned in a house when her owners moved out, leaving them with no food or water in the middle of a heatwave. Despite only being a very small kitten herself, at less than a year old she somehow managed to carry and care for her own kittens until help arrived, and did it all on 3 legs! Upon arrival, she quickly settled into her foster home rewarding her new foster Mum with never ending purrs, head boops, belly rubs, and as many pats as she can get.
Despite her tripod status, Lisia lives her life just like any other young cat – running, jumping and playing with no issues. She lives her life at double speed and doesn’t do anything slowly, her nightly zoomies are absolutely legendary! Lisia loves to be a part of everything that you are doing, and would do well in a home that can give her lots of attention and affection. She warms up to new people and situations quite quickly, so if you’re looking for an enthusiastic companion who will happily follow you from room to room, greeting you with her big, love filled eyes, then Lis could be your perfect match.
She is very intelligent and would thrive with training and enrichment, already learning that she can tap her humans on the leg ever so sweetly to demand more food or pats, and she’s even starting to play fetch! Lis is very agile and quickly works out how to get into tight spots, and over and around obstacles so a secure home that will keep her safe is a must.
She’s slowly adapting to the other cats in her foster home, but would be happiest as a solo cat, or with another placid cat who won’t mind staying out of her way. Lisia can show some protective behavior when it comes to guarding ‘her’ people, food, and any beds and toys she has claimed as her own so this will need to be considered if introducing to other pets in the home.

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