Adoption Profile:
Name: Pearl.
DOB: 10/11/23.
Gender: Female.
Breed: DSH.
Adoption Fee: $225.
Location: Tingalpa.
Snuggle scope: Lots of kitten energy, but also an adorably gentle sweetheart.
Cat scope: Loves to play and snuggle with her siblings.
Dog scope: Untested.
Child scope: Great with gentle hands and careful children.

Anyone who has met Pearl, has fallen in love with Pearl. She has the most beautiful colouring, and such a captivating, perfect little face. She is the smallest of her siblings, and at first, seemed to be the quietest… but with every passing day, she shows that she is just as energetic as the boys. She loves to chase her brothers, to play with toys, to explore the cat tower, and to climb under, behind, around and up the household furniture, even though the household furniture looks impossibly big next to impossibly small Pearl – she's a teeny adventurer and has proudly conquered Mount Sofa. Pearl would love a home where she gets to grow up with another kitten,
or where she would have a friendly resident cat to keep her company.
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