Adoption Profile:
Name: Tess
DOB: 25/01/2023
Gender: Female
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Caboolture
Snuggle scope: Super squish
Cat scope: Good with proper introductions
Dog scope: Good with proper introductions
Child scope: Good with gentle kiddos

Tess is a bundle of absolute soft, sweet, love. With her Cleopatra eyes, soft meow and a gentle paw on your foot or leg to let you know she is there and ready for a cuddle.
Tess has grown slightly more cautious since kittenhood and being surrendered back to BFF but is still a brave girl. Tess was with us as a kitten and immediately showed us her true snuggly colours when she came back, she has a beautiful habit of tucking into you for a deeper cuddle.
Tess is a teen, so this girl will one day be a beautiful sedate queen of a cat, but that day is not today! Tess loves to play, catching at our legs as we walk, standing up on our shoulders when we are sitting and catching flies like a professional huntress. If everyone is busy, Tess is more than happy to go looking for some fun and activities to do, but she will not go too far. She likes to be where the action is, even just as an observer. And if an opportunity for a pat arises, then Tess will materialise at your side.
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