Adoption Profile:
Name: Merlin
DOB: 05/11/23
Gender: Male
Breed: British Short Hair x
Adoption Fee: $225
Location: Mount Nathan, Gold Coast
Snuggle scope: Affectionate but not into laps quite yet.
Cat scope: very curious & wanting to play
Dog scope: untested but should be fine
Child scope: Very willing to play after a few minutes.

Merlin came from less than an ideal situation, and had spent much of his early life in a cage with minimum handling. Despite this, he is much more outgoing that a lot of his “siblings”, and adapts to new situations quickly.
Merlin is a super sweet and adorable little man. He twines himself around your legs to be picked up & purrs like a tractor. He is extremely playful & interactive. He loves the company of his big sister and would prefer not to be an only kitten. He loves his food and can often be standing in the plate while he is eating.

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