Adoption Profile:

Name: Mathieu
DOB : 11/08/2023
Gender : Male
Breed: Domestic Medium Hair
Adoption Fee: $200
Location: East Brisbane
Snuggle scope: 10/10!
Cat scope: Friendly and adaptable with other cats
Dog scope: Untested
Child scope: Untested, but he is a super friendly, sweet and confident cat

Mathieu looks like a cub with an impressive bushy tail and a cute little chirp. Mathieu is super sweet, friendly and confident. He loves to follow you everywhere like a shadow, sit with you on the sofa and give you tonnes of head bumps. Mathieu loves to play ball games and chase strings. Mathieu is a non-fussy eater and has a lion like appetite. He is happy to be picked up, LOVES pats and is the puuuurfect little companion with endless affection.

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