Adoption Profile:
Name: Alfie
DOB: 08/10/2023
Gender: Male
Breed: Scottish Fold
Adoption Fee: $200
Location: Gordon Park
Snuggle Scope: Can be a little snuggle bug
Cat Scope: Likes other cats
Dog Scope: Currently lives with two small dogs
Child Scope: Untested

Little Alfie is just the sweetest little man, with soft grey fur and cute little folded ears. Coming in to care from an over breeding situation, it took a little while for Alfie to settle in to the routine of attention and love but now he can’t get enough. He loves attention from his foster parents, often coming up for pats and cuddles purring his little heart out. Typical of a 6 month old, Alfie is also super playing and particularly enjoys playing with his sisters and the elusive red dot. He also has a strange fascination with his water bowl, and has a tendency to use his paws to check its full before having a drink. Alfie is looking for a home with a family who love him, who are willing to put in the extra pats and cuddles, and who will invest in a red dot to keep him on his toes!

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