Adoption Profile:
Name: Gracie
DOB: 04/10/2023
Gender: Female
Breed: Scottish Fold
Adoption Fee: $200
Location: Gordon Park
Snuggle Scope: Loves to demand attention
Cat Scope: Likes other cats
Dog Scope: Currently lives with two small dogs
Child Scope: Untested

Darling Gracie is a beautiful little girl who joined BFF from an over breeding situation. She is a petite little thing, who is a gorgeous tortie point with very striking light blue eyes. Gracie is very food orientated, and is more than happy to help you with your meals and snacks! Over the time Gracie has been in care, she has slowly come out of her shell and has begun trusting her foster parents. She will now demand attention and snuggle up on your lap for a good cuddle often competing with the other animals for prime pat position. She also enjoys a good play with her siblings, and is particularly fond of the red dot. Gracie is looking for a forever family who will shower her with love and attention!

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