Adoption Profile:

Name: Snowy
DOB: 26/10/2022
Gender: Female
Breed: DLH
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Greenslopes
Snuggle scope: Super smooch
Cat scope: Fine with placid cats and correct introductions
Dog scope: Untested
Child scope: Untested but likely fine with gentle hands

MEDICAL NOTE: Upon carer observation and vet assessment, we believe Snowy is either completely deaf or has a high level of hearing impairment. This doesn’t stop her from living a normal life, but she is sometimes startled by people and other animals when they approach her. Ensuring she can see you before giving her a pat or picking her up will help.


Snowy is an absolute beauty both inside and out. Her striking eyes fade from blue out to a gorgeous red ring, and that gaze is one of many ways she’ll have you wrapped around her paw in no time at all! To meet Snowy is to love her immediately, she is confident, cheeky, playful and wants endless attention and affection.
She loves to watch the world go by through the window, and will snooze in any patches of sun she can find. Snowy’s favourite thing in the world though is food! She will always let you know when her biccy bowl is empty, and won’t ever let you forget dinner time. She can be opportunistic when it comes to unattended food, but if you have other messy pets (or kids!) she will be the ultimate kitty vacuum.
Snowy’s other favourite thing is playtime! She loves to play with her toys, either with your help or by herself, and her zoomies up and down her cat tower are very entertaining to watch. She is never far from the action and will make a wonderful companion for someone looking for a little (white) shadow to trail behind them and keep them company at home.
Snowy would do well in a home as a solo cat where she doesn’t have to share her humans (or food!), or will happily cohabitate with submissive, relaxed cats with controlled introductions.



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