Adoption Profile:

Name: Layne
DOB: 29/3/24
Gender: Female
Breed: DMH
Adoption Fee: $225
Location: Carindale
Snuggle scope: loves a cuddle
Cat scope: fine after intro
Dog scope: Fine with large dog after intro
Child scope: untested


Meet Layne, a gorgeous kitten with a laid back personality. She’s a sweet girl who loves her cuddles and pats, and causes her fair share of kitten paralysis – the condition common to cat owners where you are unable to move due to a kitten laying/sleeping on you. But she’s not obnoxious with her neediness and is also happy to be the queen explorer discovering new corners of the house by herself or leading the charge amongst her siblings at play time, even if it sometimes means she’s the odd one out at naptime missing from the cuddle puddle or slipped off the side of the bed – because of course kittens have to play jenga with themselves trying to all fit onto the same bed.
Layne has adjusted quickly to living in a household with other big cats – though siblings make the best playmates of course – and a large dog, and while she hasn’t met any kids yet would likely adjust well with gentle kids. Layne would make a great addition to any household and would love a family of her very own.

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