Adoption Profile:
Name: John John
DOB: 29/3/24
Gender: Male
Breed: DMH
Adoption Fee: $225
Location: Carindale
Snuggle scope: Very snuggly
Cat scope: fine after intro
Dog scope: Fine with large dog after intro
Child scope: untested

Meet John John, also affectionately called JJ by his carers, the sweetest little guy ever. Ever since he could toddle out of his bed as a little kitten, he’s been climbing into laps. Or onto feet. He still thinks he fits nicely on your foot, but it’s quickly becoming a balancing act! He rampages and hops about the house with his siblings with the boundless energy kittens always seem to have. Until it’s time to nap and recharge, and he seeks out a person and will climb onto the lounge to lay in your lap, on your chest, or next to you for a good kitten nap. When he wakes up it’s cuddle time! He’s got a sweet purr asking to be held or for belly tickles.
JJ has adjusted quickly to living in a household with other big cats – though siblings make the best playmates of course – and a large dog, and while he hasn’t met any kids yet would likely adjust well with gentle kids. John John would love his very own family to love and to love him, as long as there’s space on the lounge and in a lap!
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