Adoption Profile:

Name: Whitley
DOB : 21/03/24
Gender : Female
Breed: DMH
Adoption Fee: $225
Location: Bonogin, Gold Coast
Snuggle scope: snuggle bug
Cat scope: Unphased by other cats, both big and small
Dog scope: Fine with the small dog in her foster home
Child scope: Untested but would be fine with gentle hands


Whitley was born in care into an extended family of 3 mummas and 11 kittens. She was the last litter born, so is used to being one of the smallest in an extended family.
Whitley is a stunning fluffy torti girl who just loves attention! When you pick her up she just flops in your hand and goes completely limp, it’s super cute! She is quite fluffy with a glorious soft coat, so would benefit from grooming sessions to keep her fur in tip top shape.
Playing and running amok are two of her favour things to do, like most kittens, and shes fun to watch as she runs around having a great time. She loves her humans, and when shes finished her kitten jobs, she will happily come and sit with you for some love.
Whitley is a gorgeous little kitten and would make a wonderful addition to most families

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