Adoption Profile:

Name: Revali
DOB : 21/02/2024
Gender : Female
Breed: Angora X
Adoption Fee: $225
Location: Tamborine
Snuggle scope: Loves her cuddles, face smoochies and chin rubs
Cat scope: Cat friendly
Dog scope: unknown but I feel she may be very scared/shy around dogs
Child scope : Kid friendly


Meet Princess Revali. The sweetest little princess in alllll the world. She was the most shy of her siblings but has blossomed into the biggest darling.
Her little face is so sweet and perfect. As soon as you reach your hand out to her she walks to it, smooches it, and begins the loudest purring of a kitten I’ve ever heard. She loves to roll onto her back and have a chin and chest rub.
She plays very gently – like princesses do.
She takes over a minute to cover her “toileting” in the litter tray – like princesses do.
She patiently and politely waits for her meals – like princesses do.
She’s extremely beautiful – like princesses are.
Revali is excited to start her furever life with you.
As long as you have room for a Fur Princess who is beautiful, polite, loves cuddles and face smooches – Revali could be the Princess for you.

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