Adoption Profile:

Name: Brayden
DOB: 16/3/24
Gender: Male
Breed: DMH
Adoption Fee: $225
Location: Chermside
Snuggle scope: Excellent
Cat scope: Tested well with other kittens and household cats
Dog scope: Untested but should be fine with correct introductions
Child scope: Untested but should be fine with gentle hands


Step right up and meet the myth, the legend, Brayden. Brayden is here to gaze into your soul and if you aren’t careful, you might be lost in his beautiful eyes… whoops, too late. Brayden is, in a word, amazing—both handsome and playful. When you hear a pitter-patter of feet first thing in the morning, guaranteed it will be Brayden, looking to play and do zoomies on the stairs. The more energetic of the twins (his brother Connor is the cuddly one), Brayden is sure to bring a smile to your face with his playful banter and zest for the world around him. Brayden is darling, so sweet and yet so much fun, Brayden would suit a range of household types that have time to devote to his one true love: playtime.

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