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Jack Sim and Brisbane Ghost tours have offered BFF a wickedly spooky fundraiser which seems apt for this time of year around Halloween !

We do understand this type of event is not for everyone and often controversial but if your a history buff these types of tours are incredibly fascinating or if your more about the ghost aspect we also have your covered so join us on a creep-tastic night time tour of old Boggo Rd Gaol as we search for things that go bump in the night while learning about the history of one of the well known landmarks of Brisbane .

The tour is Thursday 15th of November with a 6.45 arrival time for a 7 pm start and tours usually run around 2 hours.

Tickets are strictly limited for these types of tours so please PM the page or email nikkibfr@gmail.com to book your tickets which are $50 and help support the fur kids in care .

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