Ava found herself in the pound confused and scared, unsure of what was happening just like most animals that find themselves in there.

We do not know what Ava’s life was like prior to care but we can only guess in light of recent medical evidence that it was not the best of lives she lived.

We knew Ava had obvious issues with her ears as they were laying flat, she presented hand shy when we moved a hand towards her but she never showed any aggression.

Our vet started Ava on drops and cleared out her ears from infection, mites and bacteria like you wouldn’t believe. This was repeated every week for a month and while the gunk kept coming out, the bloated size of her ear canal did not reduce. We took her to QVS to see specialist Mike, who said the cartilage in Ava’s ear had built up, closing the ear canal which is what you see in a cat with repeated trauma like being beaten which explains why she is hand shy.

It also means for life Ava will be forever uncomfortable, she would be prone to constant ear infections and her hearing has most likely been affected.

So we needed a surgical option for Ava to make life better for her after all she had endured, so we were referred to specialist Jason at North Lakes who saw Ava on the 9th of November.

As Ava’s ear canal is so deformed now he could not get the scoop into her ear enough to see down it properly but we have two surgical options and while we are hoping for the less invasive Lateral ear canal resection, Jason said he will not know if that is possible until he opens up the ear during surgery and if its not possible she will need total ear canal ablation and lateral bulla octectomy.

This is where you come in as we need your help! Having outlaid 11 thousand dollars this month already in vet bills we quickly need to raise the funds for Ava’s surgery which is booked for the 29th of this month.

We have set up a go fund me to help cover the costs of helping this sweet lady on her way to a better life as she deserves that so very much after all she has been through in her young life. We need to raise $2,500 at this stage for her, which we understand is a lot but as you know, we will not let her suffer. 

Alternatively we have paypal and bank transfer options, please use reference Ava. We do prefer bank transfers where possible as we get 100% of what you send over to us to use towards this and pay no fees that way. 

Our bank details are as follows:

BANK:  Commonwealth Bank Australia
​ACCOUNT NAME – Best Friends Felines
BSB – 064171
ACCOUNT NUMBER – 1045 6758

Please donate what you can and help Ava live pain and infection free life.


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Update 20/11/2018

Sadly its been a rough few days for Miss Ava .

Late last week her carer commented that Ava had retreated into her shell overnight which was not like her at all as was staying away from everyone and finding places to hide .

Ava went back to see our vets the next day and her ears have already filled up again with …I do not know how to describe that black gunk that builds up in there …. bacteria and infection causing her considerably pain .

Ava has been placed on antibiotics and pain relief .

Ava also regressed in nature not wanting to be the social butterfly she normally is , to us it was like a PTSD set back . She had associated the ear pain with the beatings that caused this ongoing issue to her badly damaged ear and flashing back to this we can only presume has made her less like the smoochy girl we know her to be but who can blame her .

We asked for the vets for a surgical option to fix this issue as we could have let her go as is and just monitor and treat her ear infections for life but we knew she deserved better and we didn’t want to see her ever in this type of pain again so know we made the right choice in electing for the surgery not matter how expensive it is .

Ava’s surgery is next week and we are still a long way off the target goal for this beautiful girl so please send her story across the waves and help us raise the funds in time .