Adoption Profile:
Name: Olympia
DOB: 03/11/2020
Gender: Female
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Carindale
Snuggle scope: Loves head rubs and back scratches once she knows you
Cat scope: Good after proper introductions
Dog scope: Not a fan, but ok with a respectful dog
Child scope: Untested, not suitable for young children


Olympia is a stunning young Calico who came into care heavily pregnant. Her kittens are all grown and found their homes, so now it’s time for this young mama to find one of her own.
She’s a little shy, but when you sit down with her, give her time and get to know her, she’ll come around for some pats. Head rubs and bottom scratches are her absolute favorites, and you’ll quickly have a friend.
As she’s settled in, Olympia has started to show her cheeky. Plating her dinner on the bench? tap tap. Going up the stairs when she’s sitting underneath? tap tap. or just because she’s feeling extra cheeky and playful? Tap Tap! Olympia gives the softest little taps to the back or side of your ankle, which we think is rather cute and we can’t wait to see her more of her cheeky side as her confidence grows.
Olympia was rather shy of the other animals at first, but settled in quickly and made friends with the other young foster in her house, and loves doing the occasional zoomie session together. She’s still not a fan of the resident large dog, but is now ok to ignore/avoid it
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