Adoption Profile:

NAME: Clarissa
DOB: 16/10/22
GENDER: Female
BREED: Domestic short hair
Snuggle scope: so cuddly and snuggly!
Cat scope: Totally fine
Dog scope: untested
Child scope: untested


Clarissa is a mixed bag. She is a scaredy and skittish and loud noises will make her run and hide. But she is super sweet too and loves to sit on your lap, purr and make biscuits. She is playful and sometimes will zoom around the house! She loves treats too.
She is a scaredy though and takes time to warm up to new people. She will not immediately smooch up to you. But give her time to warm up to you and she will show you her lovely smoochy side. Believe me the wait is so so worth it. She is the most loving smoochy little lap cat who adores attention. Once she decides you are her human she will delight in being near you and sleeping near you. Lying on top of her human while making biscuits is one of her favourite activities.
If you are prepared to take the time to get to know this little lady she will reward you with all the affection you can handle. She is sweet and gentle and pretty. She has the most delightful trill sound she makes when you call her too.
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