Adoption Profile:

Name: Ashley
DOB: 19/04/2021
Gender: Female
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Loganholme
Snuggle scope: Loves pats
Cat scope: Good
Dog scope: Finds dogs overwhelming
Child scope: Teens or older


Ashley is a gorgeous solid grey girl who’s independent, silly, and loves pats. She gets along well with other cats but would do great as a solo cat as well.
Ashley spends most of her days cuddled up on her fluffy blanket, which she loves more than any cat bed. She can often be found rubbing up against your shoes or rolling around in your dirty laundry, too. She’ll show her love and trust for you by flopping somewhere near you (often by your feet), which she does all the time. Sometimes she likes to sit in an empty room and sing the song of her people – I still have no clue why she does it, but it’s adorable to hear!
When you walk into the room Ashley is in, she’ll immediately get up and meow at you excitedly for pats. She has a super cute meow that sounds similar to a squeaky toy. She loves being stroked down her back, the base of her tail and around her neck. Ashley will shyly let you stroke her back a few times, then happily flop onto the ground to get a proper petting while she purrs up a storm. If you try to leave before she’s ready she’ll run after you and give you a gentle bap on the ankle to tell you “hey, I’m not done being patted yet!”
Ashley came into care as a stray who was terrified of humans. She’s finally learnt humans are pretty great, but she’s still quite shy and isn’t a cuddly lap cat. It’ll take time to get her to fully open up to new people. So while she loves pats and attention, she’d like a family who can be patient with her and understand her body language to ensure mutual happiness.
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