Adoption Profile:

Name: Blossom
DOB : 23/12/22
Gender : Female
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Redcliffe
Snuggle scope: Snugglepus
Cat scope: needs to be a solo cat
Dog scope: fine with correct introductions
Child scope : bulletproof


Blossom is a gorgeous silver grey tabby with the softest fur. That soft fur is perfect for patting and Blossom shows her appreciation of pats and cuddles with the loudest of purrs and head bops.
Blossom also loves to play and explore. She also loves to be up high so when she’s tired she climbs the cat tree to laze in her hammock.
Blossom is fine with other animals and loves kids, however really wants to be your one and only cat. She isn’t a fan of sharing her personal amenities (ie litter tray) with anyone else, and who can blame her? A girl needs her privacy!
Blossom came to BFF as a kitten and was adopted however she has recently been return to care through no fault of her own and desperately deserves a stable and loving forever home.
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