Adoption Profile:

Name: Paulie
DOB: 14/11/22
Gender: Male
Breed: DSH
Adoption fee: $170
Location: Holland Park
Snuggle Scope: Timid until he knows you. Once he trusts you he will give you all the love
Cat Scope: Fine with other cats
Dog Scope: Fine with the household dog after correct introductions
Child Scope: As he’s timid, older kids (teen or older) would be best suited


Paulie had an awful start to life as an unsocialsed kitten, and was in a very bad way when found. He battled with nasty eye infections and flu for weeks before we got ontop of it. He has an existing injury to his left eye which has left a scar – he doesn’t need any further treatment for this eye, but it does make it look a little odd.
Paulie is very shy with people he hasn’t met before and it does take a little while to earn his trust. However once he gets to know you, he walks around with you constantly chirping at you. He is extremely affectionate & simply loves to sleep on the bed with you and wrap himself around your neck. He is not happy being left on his own & will certainly let you know about it. He is totally fine with the carers gentle medium sized dog although not overly interested.
He likes all other cats in the house & loves cuddles once he trusts you. He’s a very sweet boy. Just needs a little time with patient people. Will make an amazing companion as he just loves hanging out with you.
Paulie will make a great addition to your home once he finds the right person to take a chance on him.
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