Adoption Profile:

Name: JoJo
DOB : 12/04/2019
Gender :Female
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Samford
Snuggle scope: smoochy on her terms
Cat scope: Not a fan as very dominant around other felines and will attack
Dog scope: Not overly phased but keeps her distance
Child scope : children 12 plus


Hi, my name is Jo Jo, although you may call me Princess Jo Jo, or your Majesty or simply call me YOURS!
I’m a little pocket rocket with a beautiful, affectionate nature. I’m looking for a human who can offer me my ‘forever’ castle.
I picture my ideal life as one where I’m loved unconditionally by my royal subjects, kept well fed and cared for, and if I’m being honest – a little daily pampering wouldn’t go astray. Follow my lead, I’ll show you ALL the right places to pat!
FYI…When I’m excited I give little love nibbles. It’s my way of showing how happy I am. Due to this, I’m best suited to older children only.
Another cat? Whilst I prefer human company to that of other felines, if you have a kitty already and you introduce us slowly (ask my current staff for advice on this), we may learn to share our throne.
I’m a pretty girl as you can see, I’m also sweet natured and outgoing. I’m the whole package you might say.
My staff will help you in making me a permanent member of your family all you need to do is click on the link below to arrange a meet and greet .
To arrange a meet to see if this could be your perfect match, please submit our meet’n’greet form