Adoption Profile:
Name: Tobias
DOB: 10/11/23
Gender: Male
Breed: DMH
Adoption Fee: $200
Location: Carina Heights
Snuggle scope: Loves pats & cuddles
Cat scope: Good
Dog scope: Good
Child scope: Untested but should be OK with gentle/older hands

Tobias is confident and inquisitive and charms everyone. When he wants food or attention he calls his carer, with the cutest little squeak. He is a playful little guy and can entertain himself for hours by chasing a ball around or wrestling with soft toys. But he also loves pats, cuddles and attention.
He is a remarkable and resilient little guy after arriving into care very thin and sick after living rough. He had terrible cat flu and such bad conjunctivitis that his 3rd eyelid wouldn’t retract. He likely hadn’t seen a human for some time (if ever) so the fact that he immediately welcomed pats is incredible. With some medical attention and lots of TLC this little guy rebounded immediately and hasn’t looked back. His 3rd eyelid is still just visible and may never completely retract but this doesn’t affect him and we think it just adds to his charm.
Tobias is a delightful young boy who deserves a forever home and loving humans to dote on him (and vice versa).
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