Adoption Profile:
Name: Milo
DOB: 23/01/24
Gender: Male
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $225
Location: Broadbeach Waters, Gold Coast
Snuggle scope: cuddly once he gets to know you!
Cat scope: Great, loves a play and cuddle with his fellow cat friends
Dog scope: untested
Child scope: can be timid around loud noises and sudden movements, would be best with older kids/teens

Milo is a beautiful ginger boy who is an absolute sweetheart! He is a baby hunter and absolutely loves to play (and steal) all the toys and make them his own! You can often find him trying to walk off with the feather wand and take it to his nest of fuzzy mice and pom poms. Milo has a powerful little voice and loves to use it to say hello, tell you about his day, and ask you to come play (along with reminding you he is always happy for a snack). He likes to jump, climb, bounce and zoom about with his toys, but after the kitten crazies have run their course he loves settling in a soft bed for a nap, and preferably cuddling near his human for the night. He’s an energetic boy with a spunky personality and lives having a rough and tumble with his adoptive foster brother, and would do well in a home which already has a cat he can befriend and share playtime and snuggles with.
Milo can be a little shy at first but once he realizes you are safe and here to play with him he comes out of his shell. Sometimes he just needs a little patience.

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