Adoption Profile:

Name: Dill
DOB: 15/03/2024
Gender: Female Breed:
Domestic Short Hair
Adoption Fee: $225
Location: Lawnton
Snuggle scope: Typical kitten, loves cuddles when not busy playing and exploring
Cat scope: Great with other cats
Dog scope: Untested, but would be fine with correct introductions.
Child scope: Untested, but would be fine with gentle hands


Meet Dill, your very own energizer bunny in kitten form! Always on the move, Dill is a tiny dynamo who never seems to run out of energy. Whether it’s leaping through the air in a display of kitty parkour when chasing after a laser pointer, Dill’s boundless enthusiasm makes her a joy to watch. And if there’s a fly in the house, it doesn’t stand a chance with Dill on the hunt! Dill loves engaging in spirited games with swishy sticks, crinkle balls, and toy mice.
Her curiosity knows no bounds, and she delights in observing her humans, always ready to lend a Dill-shaped paw to whatever task is at hand.
But even this little ball of energy needs to rest.
When she tires out, Dill transforms into the perfect cuddle-bug. She adores curling up on your lap or snuggling next to you as you sleep, offering the sweetest companionship.
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Discover if she could be the perfect new addition to your family, bringing joy and endless playfulness into your home!

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