Adoption Profile:
Name: Mallow
DOB: 14/3/24
Gender: Male
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $225
Location: Carindale
Snuggle scope: Loves snuggles
Cat scope: fine after intro
Dog scope: fine after intro
Child scope: untested, would be fine with gentle hands

Mallow is a gorgeous little ginger dude, with the most adorable little face. He’s known to roll about belly up, and loves the age old cat past time of recharging in sunbeams. He’s got a nearly non stop purr engine that revs with every pat and snuggle. He is still slightly the baby of the family, and sometimes plays this up at you with his big loving eyes from the cat tree asking for a snuggle and a free ride to the ground instead of jumping down himself. But don’t be fooled – unless you want to be, then by all means shower the little dude with kisses on his boopable nose and kissable tummy as you snuggle him – he can run, jump and climb, zoom about and wrestle with the typical kitten energy.
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