Adoption Profile:

Name: Eden
DOB: 15/11/2023
Gender: Female
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $200
Location: Kallangur
Snuggle scope: Loves a pat and to snuggle in bed
Cat scope: Great with correct introductions
Dog scope: Untested
Child scope: Untested, not suited to noisy homes


In stark contrast to the typical adoption profile, Eden’s foster Dad has instead set in place the following ‘10 Rules for Adopting My Foster Kitten, Eden’. The poor guy is smitten, and this compact cutie has him wrapped around her finger!
  1. Respect Her Royalty: Eden may have ended up in a rural pound, abandoned by her owners and found severely emaciated, but she has always embraced her inner princess. She carries herself with an air of royalty, always looking impeccably put together in an adorably sweet package right the way down to her tiny little tippy toes.
  2. Understand Her Past: Remember, she was transported to us weighing less than a third of what she should for her age, after being let down by people and left to fight for her life. Her journey has made her strong and confident, but she’s also a little bit delicate. She’s still very small for her age, and it’s uncertain if she’ll ever reach full size, but we think she’s perfect the way she is.
  3. Give Her Attention: Eden can be independent and happy in her own company, but more than anything she loves to be loved. She tends to shy away from the hustle and bustle of the main house, preferring to seek out quiet spots alone so it is important to take the affection to her whenever you can. Pats will always be gratefully received and rewarded with head boops, teeny tiny little biccies, and endless purrs!
  4. Playtime is Sacred: While Eden enjoys playing with toys on her own, she occasionally indulges in hallway zoomies with her foster brothers, and with some very impressive speed! Make sure to encourage her playtime, whether she’s chasing a toy mouse or sprinting through the house, her road to recovery requires re-development of lost muscle mass so enrichment and a tower to climb is key.
  5. Bedtime is Special: At night, Eden loves to sleep on our chests, curled up in the crook of our arms, or snuggled into our necks. It’s her way of feeling safe and loved, even if she’s so light you sometimes forget she’s there! If you’re lucky enough to share this bonding time with her, cherish it and you’ll be rewarded with endless trust and affection.
  6. Be Patient: Eden can be a little shy at first. Give her time to warm up to you, and you’ll see her true affectionate nature emerge. Patience and gentleness are key, and with correct introductions to a new home she’ll be part of the family in no time..
  7. Introduce Her Correctly: While Eden respects the space of other cats and fits into new dynamics easily, she expects the same courtesy so correct introductions to other pets are vital. She’s very non-confrontational and tolerant of other cats, but she appreciates her solitude while she’s getting to know them.
  8. Gentle Children Only: Eden would do best in a home with older, gentle children only. High-energy, younger kids might be too much for her to handle as she appreciates a peaceful and understanding presence.
  9. Spoil Her: Eden has adapted quickly to being a spoilt house cat. She deserves all the love and care in the world after such an awful start to life. But remember, we’ve raised a princess not a diva, so she will give back tenfold in the form of utterly ridiculous, high-pitched squeal inducing, puss in boots style cuteness. Good luck saying no to that face!
  10. Love Her Unconditionally: Above all, Eden needs a home that will love and provide for her for the rest of her long and happy life. She’s been through a lot and deserves the best. If you’re ready to give her the royal treatment she deserves, you’ll have a loyal and loving companion by your side.
If you think you have what it takes to follow these rules and provide Eden with the love and care she deserves, then please click on the link below to meet her. But you might want to be quick in case her foster dad beats you to it!

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