Adoption Profile:
Name: Aelin
DOB: 28/06/2023
Gender: Female
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Arana Hills
Snuggle scope: Happy to be patted on her terms
Cat scope: Untested – slow, steady intros would be necessary
Dog scope: Untested – slow, steady intros would be necessary
Child scope: Untested – should be fine with quiet, gentle hands

Do you love a good mystery? Meet Aelin, a captivating feline enigma. Handed in with four kittens at an emergency vet, everyone assumed she was their mother. However, later tests suggested otherwise. Who is this mystery cat, and what is her true relationship with the kittens? Aelin keeps her secrets close, leaving you to ponder her intriguing past.
Aelin is the shy, mysterious type, revealing only glimpses of her true self to those who earn her trust. Despite her unknown history, she’s beginning to show her affectionate side. While she may start off a bit reserved, once she feels safe, Aelin becomes friendly and enjoys a good pat from her trusted humans.
Though she might never be a lap cat, Aelin is perfectly content to sit near you as you work or relax in front of the TV, quietly enjoying your company. She loves to perch by a window, gazing out at the world with a serene curiosity.
Adopting Aelin means providing her with the patience and understanding she needs to trust you fully. In return, you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful, mysterious companion who adds a touch of intrigue to your life.
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