Adoption Profile:

Name: Ethan
DOB: 01/12/2023
Gender: Male
Breed: Siamese Cross
Adoption Fee: $200
Location: Kallangur
Snuggle scope: Hand shy, needs further socialisation
Cat scope: Very friendly
Dog scope: Untested
Child scope: Untested


Are you able to open your heart and home to a truly special feline friend? Meet Ethan, a handsome young man who has overcome incredible odds and is now ready to find his forever home.
Ethan’s journey began on the streets, where he was found as a very unwell, emaciated, and unsocialised kitten. Once he came into care he underwent months of recovery including multiple blood transfusions. Today, you wouldn’t recognize the sickly kitten he once was! Ethan has grown into a healthy, playful, and spirited cat who’s eager to share his new zest for life with a loving family.
So what’s the catch with a handsome boy like Ethan? His past has made him quite wary of humans, his lack of early human contact and the many weeks of necessary but confusing medical treatments left him understandably timid of people. He’s still learning that touch is ok, however Ethan’s gentle nature shines through and he’s never aggressive. He’s looking for a cat-savvy, patient forever family who can provide a quiet home with plenty of hidey holes and spaces for him to feel secure.
Despite his shyness, Ethan is quickly gaining confidence and he’s become quite the little shadow! Following his foster mum and dad around the house with curiosity, he’s always eager to watch the action. He’s even turned his foster mum’s touch training into a playful sport, bunny hopping just out of reach or gently batting at her hands when they’re offered to him—never with claws, just a fun and gentle game. When he feels secure in a covered hideaway or bed, Ethan has just begun allowing gentle pets on his back and tail. It’s a sign of his growing trust and a glimpse of the affectionate companion he can become for the right family.
Ethan loves the company of other playful cats, and is very respectful of their personal space if they want to be left alone. He has a cheeky spirit that shines through in the bird-like chirps he emits when confidently exploring the house, seeking out someone or something to play with. He loves to give chase and be chased back, his zoomies are a sight to behold, and he is obsessed with all of his many toys. Ethan can play for hours, so another cat friendly feline companion that can match his energy would be ideal in his new home. Ethan has not lived with children and would be unsuitable for young families due to his timid nature. He has not lived with dogs either, however would likely be ok with quiet, docile dogs that would let him approach them on his own terms.
If you have the time, patience, and experience to commit to working with Ethan, you’ll be rewarded with the love and companionship of a truly special cat. Deep down there’s a snuggle bug waiting to emerge, and with the right home Ethan will blossom into the affectionate, playful, and loyal friend he’s meant to be.

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