Adoption Profile:
Name: Osgood
DOB: 18/04/2024
Gender: Female
Breed: Domestic short hair
Adoption Fee: $225
Location: Arana Hills
Snuggle scope: Enjoy pats
Cat scope: Plays well with siblings
Dog scope: Untested but should be fine with correct introduction
Child scope: Best suited to older children 12 plus

Meet Osgood, a rare gem in the feline world—a ginger female kitten with Instagram-worthy looks and a gentle personality to match. Finding a ginger girl is as rare as hen’s teeth, and Osgood knows she’s something special.
Osgood is not just a beauty; she’s a confident little poser who loves to strike a pose with the best of them. But don’t let her graceful exterior fool you. When it comes to mealtime, especially if roast chicken is on the menu, Osgood dives in with enthusiasm, temporarily setting aside her dainty demeanor. She’s not shy about going back for seconds or even thirds. After a satisfied little belch, she returns to her happy purring self, content and ready for the next adventure.
If you’re looking for a kitten that’s gorgeous, friendly, and truly one of a kind, Osgood is your perfect companion.
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