Adoption Profile:
Name: RAIN
DOB: 15/11/2023
Gender: Male
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $200
Location: Everton Park
Snuggle scope: Still very timid but will sometimes follow the lead of his big sister onto his carer’s lap.
Cat scope: Will be ok eventually with calm cats with correct introductions.
Dog scope: Untested.
Child scope: Untested but should be OK with gentle, calm children – not suited to noisy homes

Rain was rescued with two other kittens from a from a rural pound after being abandoned by their owner and left to fend for themselves. The trio made their way to BFF, emaciated and terrified. Rain was the smallest of the three and is also possibly a little younger than his siblings.
With lots of love, patience and quality food, this little guy has started to gain back his tiger stripes… though his attempts to roar are still being worked on.
His fur is now returning to the most beautiful orange, brown and black tabby pattern and he is now a healthy weight, though still only a small cat.
Rain’s sister Regia is far more confident than him, so he watches her for cues and guidance while he learns how to cat.
Don’t let this little guys stature fool you, he’ll try and hiss with the best of them if one of his foster siblings gets too bossy … though not much noise comes out.
When he came into care he was terrified, but could be heard having kitten parties with his sister behind closed doors, but as soon as his carer walked in, everything would go quiet. He is just finding the confidence to play with toys and wrestling with his sister while his carer is in the room. He is also starting to explore ther rooms next to his safe space.
If he is overwhelmed, he just retreats back to his safe cave and watches what’s going on. When he’s happy you can expect the most ridiculously cute trilling sounds from this bundle of floof.
Rain is still learning that humans can be nice and will still flinch when you put your hand near him or cower if you move near him while standing or wearing big clunky shoes. He is going to need a quiet and calm home with a very patient family to truly feel safe and blossom into the cat.. sorry, tiger, that we know is in there. He would do really well with a caring and calm feline of a similar size and age to help him grow into a confident and loving cat. We know the perfect companion! His sister! Double adoptions are twice the fun & snuggles!
Cat toys and zoomies with his sister are two of his favourite things and watching his little strut on such tiny mittens is one of the cutest things you’ll ever see.
Rain’s past and his size means he’s not been very comfortable exploring his foster carer’s house just yet so it’s very important his forever family take a patient, slow and gentle approach to introducing him to their house and humans.
This adorable little fellow deserves the absolute world after the start to life he has had. But we know there’s a home out there that is goin

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