Adoption Profile:

Name: Stewie
DOB : 18/4/23
Gender : Male
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Broadbeach Waters, Gold Coast
Snuggle scope: Loves a cuddle
Cat scope: Great with cats
Dog scope: Untested but should be fine with proper introductions
Child scope: Great with gentle hands
Medical note: Note- Stewie has had a history of a urinary tract infection and some urinary crystals. This will require ongoing urinary diets to control and prevent further urinary issues.


Stewie is a curious ball of adventurous mischief. If there’s a shelf out of reach, or a tower to climb he will be on a mission to conquer it. He loves to play with all the cat toys in the world, has a beloved favourite teddy and is obsessed with his tunnel. Once he’s finished his zoomies and playtime he will happily come snuggle up and have a good long, often times contorted and hilariously shaped nap. As is typical of bottle babies, he loves people and naturally gravitates to you for some playtime and early morning snuggles. Stewie has passed his harness training with flying colours as he has discovered it means outside adventures and walks, which is his favourite activity. He absolutely loves sunbaking, chatting to the birds and watching the leaves rustle in the wind.
He is fascinated with household chores and loves to interact with the vacuum and mop and treats it as a game. He would do well with another cat friend in the house to play and cuddle with, but is also happy to lead his own adventures. He’s got a calm but independent temperament and will do well in any home that has love to give! If you want an adventurous kitty who loves playtime then Stewie is perfect for you!
*Note: Stewie is on a special science diet to keep his bodies ph level stable, but aside from this he is perfectly normal


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