Best Friends Felines (BFF) is dedicated to rescuing cats and kittens from all over Brisbane and coastal areas.
Whether they are saved from death row from the pound or owner surrendered Best Friends Felines will take them all in.

When they come to BFF they are placed into loving foster homes where they will remain until they find their forever home however long that takes as we have a no kill policy.

Best Friends Felines cats will have all vet work completed whilst in the care of Best Friends Felines, including desexing, microchip & vaccinations. 

Some come in needing more extensive vet work which they will receive in our care.

The adoption fees and donations are the only funding Best Friends Felines receives to assist in continuing to re-home our cats.

To contact us please complete our form on the Contact Us Page.




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Best Friends Felines
Best Friends Felines
Goodnight and sweet dreams from lil Mindy, and all of us here at BFF ❤
Best Friends Felines
Best Friends Felines
🥰 Lily update 🥰

Our gorgeous senior girl that joined us after being surrendered by her owners with a broken leg to a vet clinic has had a minor set back and spent the long weekend in emergency (Saturday through to Tuesday) after her stitches became infected which was always a concern due to the dog bites and how easily they can cause infection.

Lily has been discharged and back with her carer along with an EB collar and some more stronger drugs which have unfortunately upset her belly and given her the runs.

Her carer advises that the really deep dog bite is getting better each day and the incision site for the surgery is starting to look better and heal also after the infection set back.

Lily is still bright and happy and eating well and charming the pants off all she meets.

We will keep you all updated on how Miss Lily goes over the coming week.
Best Friends Felines
Best Friends Felines
This is certainly interesting... 🤔 Would you be keen to try something from the Fancy Feast cookbook for humans?!
Best Friends Felines
Best Friends Felines

Enoki, a domestic short hair, and Errol, a Burmese cross, are looking for their forever homes.

CAT 1: Enoki
Enoki is a beautiful sleek and lanky panther from our Mushroom litter, which came to BFF very afraid of humans. Enoki has gained a few nicknames, “King Grumpy Face”, “Grumps” and “Spike” (from Buffy) due to his permanent frowny eyebrows and flat ears when he is displeased.
In reality though, Enoki is an incredibly sweet and loving boy, who didn’t take very long to realise humans can be full of love and cuddles. He purr purrs away when he gets head and body scratches and will lick at your legs whenever he gets the chance. He has even begun to accept being picked up and held gently.

Enoki really adores his feline companions and will thrive in a home with kitty siblings, after careful introductions. He can play a little rough, but loves it when another cats meet his match. He enjoys toys, but there is no comparison to a play mate to wrestle and then lay on top of (literally) for snuggles.

CAT 2: Errol
Errol was named after the dashing and handsome movie star – Errol Flynn and boy does he live up to that name! This striking boy has beautiful blue eyes and unique markings on his fur. This gorgeous boy loves food. His two favourite things are dinner and second dinner. He is a big boy (with no neck) but he is a gentle boy.

Errol has been in care for some time as he is a shy boy, but he loves his foster carer and will sleep on her bed everyday and insist on snuggles in the morning! His perfect family will have the patience to give him time to get comfortable, but once he is comfortable he will be sitting on your lap, sleeping on your bed and following you around looking for attention.

This guy is great with other cats, and definitely needs a home with at least one other non-dominant feline who will be his friend and show him how to interact with the humans of the house. He loves getting attention from his foster sisters! After that though, its nap time and you better have your lap ready for him!

If you think Enoki or Errol is the kitty for you, please submit a meet ‘n’ greet form:
Best Friends Felines
Best Friends Felines

The lovely Killarney is 7 years old and is located in Ferny Grove.

Killarney came to us from another rescue so we’re not quite sure of her origin story. What we do know is that she is an incredibly sweet girl, who just needs the right family.

As a scaredy cat, Killarney needs a special family that is patient and kind. Her family will need to take the time to make her feel comfortable and build up her trust.

Once she trusts you, this sweet girl loves being patted, nudges up against you and burrows along the ground to get to you. Killarney adores being brushed and chirps at you when she wants your attention.

This ginger floof is a beautiful soul - the gentlest cat in the house and is loved by all the other feline residents. Often called ‘Peace Bringer’ by her foster mum, she is the neutral party in the political battles that break out in a multi cat household.

Not quite understanding that humans are here to help, she flees when you come near her, when meeting new people or when there are loud sounds. Killarney is best when you’re relaxing - she will come and reach up and pat you with a fluffy paw - demanding through little chirps to be patted or brushed.

Killarney is just a super sweet girl that is desperate to be a favourite lap cat - could you be the right family for her?

To meet Killarney, please submit a meet 'n' greet form:
Best Friends Felines
Best Friends Felines

Elise, a domestic short hair, and Elle, a domestic medium hair, are looking for their forever homes.

CAT 1: Elise
Elise came into care through the head of our rescue many years ago, and has spent time with several of our wonderful foster carers since then.

Being a ‘free spirit’ Elise was not used to hoomins and didn’t take too well to them.

After years of careful care and love [and a lot of patience], Elise is finally happy to be loved by hoomins [although a little shy at first].

She still has a long way to go, but with the right home, we’re positive Elise will make a wonderful companion.

CAT 2: Elle
Elle came into care heavily pregnant, and after several weeks of making us wait, gave birth to 3 beautiful babies.

But now it is Elle’s time to shine. She is the most adorable girl, and loves being around people. She is not one for being picked up and carried but if she has a spot that is very close to you – she settles, relaxes and falls asleep. But watch if you move as she will be quick to steal your spot!!

Elle has been around children and simply adores them and is super gentle. She will often just sit by them leaning in for a pat, or leaning over with a gentle head bop and purring her heart away.

She has been around other cats and prior to giving birth wasn’t fazed by them, however on arrival of her babies was a normal protective mumma and didn’t want a lot to do with them.

If you think Elise or Elle is the kitty for you, please submit a meet ‘n’ greet form: