Best Friends Felines (BFF) is dedicated to rescuing cats and kittens from all over Brisbane and coastal areas.
Whether they are saved from death row from the pound or owner surrendered Best Friends Felines will take them all in.

When they come to BFF they are placed into loving foster homes where they will remain until they find their forever home however long that takes as we have a no kill policy.

Best Friends Felines cats will have all vet work completed whilst in the care of Best Friends Felines, including desexing, microchip & vaccinations. 

Some come in needing more extensive vet work which they will receive in our care.

The adoption fees and donations are the only funding Best Friends Felines receives to assist in continuing to re-home our cats.

To contact us please complete our form on the Contact Us Page.




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Best Friends Felines
Best Friends Felines
Good night from Cleo and all of us here at BFF 😘😴
Best Friends Felines
Best Friends Felines
Thursday Night Feature - LAGERTHA

Time in Care: 4 Years

Lagertha first arrived in care 4 years ago after her mother and siblings were rescued from underneath an old house.

Lagertha, or Laggie as she is affectionately known (or leggy Laggie due her long legs), is a bit of a cheeky girl who is shy to start but she soon comes out of her shell to get some love and affection.

She is still young enough to enjoy a good old game of chase with her foster siblings or an energetic game of fish on a stick.

But after a big play she loves nothing more to stretch out on her cat tower and watch the world go by or a good old cuddle on the couch with her human.

Lagertha is currently located in Griffin.

To arrange a meet to see if Lagertha could be your purrfect match, please submit our meet’n’greet form.
Best Friends Felines
Best Friends Felines

Gemella’s little belly is getting quite round as her babies continue to grow. Her carer has seen the kittens moving and as a young first time pregnant mumma, Gemella is looking for reassurance as she’s a little unsure what these funny feelings are, hunger pains or baby movement.

She’s being very cheeky demanding a rotation of food options throughout the day and evening, I think she knows her carer will do anything she wants with her pregnancy demands 🙃

And she’s taken to one particular toy and takes it to bed with her after she’s finished playing with it for the day.

We think it'll only be a week or two before her babies arrive so stay tuned!

Until next week...
Best Friends Felines
Best Friends Felines
Dorian Update -

Dorian has been such sweetie this past week. He loves his cuddles and playing with his brothers and people but loves to come back to mama Eleni – he’s the biggest mama’s boy of the family! Dorian has the cutest begging eyes – they still look so blue sometimes, but have been slowly changing colours. I love seeing how they develop. He’s seen some people visit to meet his brothers, and at first was a little shy and just slept or hung out with his mama Eleni. But last time he came down and played and said hello and was a brave little guy!

Dorian had his first vaccination today! His pcv was 32%, up a little from the previous 30/31%, so he's stable!

His gums still look a bit pale, despite his blood being ok. They've decided to cancel his desexing on Tuesday, and give him 4 weeks/a month, and then bring him in, do a full blood test and send it away, he can stay the night at the vet, and then if all is good he'll be able to be desexed and go up for adoption.

Until next week...
Best Friends Felines
Best Friends Felines
We love adoptions!
Filo has left care with new parents Kate and Darcy! Thank you fir adopting our beautiful little girl and thank you to Sarah and Kate for fostering.
Happy life, Filo! 💜