Best Friends Felines (BFF) is dedicated to rescuing cats and kittens from all over Brisbane and coastal areas.
Whether they are saved from death row from the pound or owner surrendered Best Friends Felines will take them all in.

When they come to BFF they are placed into loving foster homes where they will remain until they find their forever home however long that takes as we have a no kill policy.

Best Friends Felines cats will have all vet work completed whilst in the care of Best Friends Felines, including desexing, microchip & vaccinations. 

Some come in needing more extensive vet work which they will receive in our care.

The adoption fees and donations are the only funding Best Friends Felines receives to assist in continuing to re-home our cats.

To contact us please complete our form on the Contact Us Page.




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Best Friends Felines
Best Friends Felines
Lenny update –

Left to raise - $1912

I know it is a bit out of the box with a feline rescue taking in a canine but as mum of two sons with disabilities I am a complete sucker for a special needs animal and Lenny needed our help .

Lenny was surrendered via a breeder as with his spinal issues he couldn’t be sold and this amazing little man has done wonderfully since arriving into care .

Lenny is a playful happy go lucky puppy who adores everyone he meets and is so infectious with his charm you cannot help but fall totally in love with him also .

Lenny has no idea he is any different or special and he acts like a normal 6 month old puppy with the exception he walks a little funny .

Lenny is non pain responsive to the spinal issues but long term we do not know if that will continue be the case so we need to figure out exactly what is going on and if we can work out a surgical repair .

After seeing specialist Dr Jason at QVS earlier this week the next step is to send Lenny for a MRI .

A MRI scan of the brain and spinal cord would give the best information about all aspects of his nervous system which will also help determine if surgery to decompress the spine can be an effective treatment for this condition and to hopefully show some intracranial abnormalities or cervical problems to explain the foreleg abnormalities in .

MRIs are unfortunately super expensive and even worse pay on the day meaning we need to raise the funds before we can book Lenny in for his scan .

We are asking for your support to help this amazing little special boy .

Please pop what you can into the account below with the reference Lenny.

BANK: Commonwealth Bank Australia
ACCOUNT NAME – Best Friends Felines
BSB – 064171
ACCOUNT NUMBER – 1045 6758

Or via paypal

Thank you for your support for this wonderful little guy.
Best Friends Felines
Best Friends Felines
❤❤❤ 2021 Mid Year Craft Auction ❤❤❤
Best Friends Felines 2021 Mid Year Craft Auction begins at 7pm on Sunday 25th of July 2021 and will close 7pm SHARP Sunday 8th of August 2021.
If anyone has any craft items you would like to donate please contact us via PM.
Best Friends Felines 2021 Mid Year Craft Auction begins at 7pm on Sunday 25th of July 2021 and will close 7pm SHARP Sunday 8th of August 2021.
Follow the link below for a preview of our craft auction items
Best Friends Felines
Best Friends Felines
Have you ever thought about fostering ?

We have several felines in need of an urgent carer right now , please have a read of their blurbs (below) and consider taking in a fur baby that could possibly be a match for your home.

❣ Caroline
Caroline is a gorgeous little lady who will greet you at the door when you come home , she will follow you around the house and walk across the keyboard while you are trying to work just to get an extra pat or two from you .
Caroline is super chatty and loves a good old conversation with you and will keep you with infinite purrs, nose bobs cuddles.
While affectionate and loving , has a playful and often naughty streak in her and when hyped up or in a mood she can swipe out with her paw and she will also give you love bites , she has never drawn blood but it can be startling if you are not aware of this behaviour .
Caroline is currently staying at a cattery until we can find a foster carer or forever home for her , she greets everyone that comes into the cattery wanting pats and chirrups at them as a hello.
Caroline is a lovely cat and will charm the pants off you soon as you meet her and so long as someone is prepared to deal with her friskiness when she gets in that swipey / bitey mode she will be your lap cat each night keeping you warm and cosy .

❣ Ganache
Ganache is a bit shy and timid at the beginning, but he’s super affectionate when he gets to know you. He loves to sit next to you or on top of you, or follow you around the house. Not particularly loves to be picked up but enjoys bed time cuddling, he’s a purring machine and gonna show how much he loves cuddling with you. Ganache is a solo kitty and must be the only fur baby.

Interested in helping to save a life by fostering one of these kitties? Submit a fostering application form:
Best Friends Felines
Best Friends Felines
Awww, Cliff and Moor were obsessed by resident kitty Clinker's tail in "clinker catio daycare"

Best Friends Felines
Best Friends Felines
Best Friends Felines
Have you ever wanted to have a kitty companion who acts like the star of the show? Junior might be your perfect fit! This beautiful girl is so outspoken, you’d think her middle name was Confidence! Junior absolutely adores attention and cuddles, unless it’s play time of course – when she might be preoccupied exploring, watching the birds out the window or hunting bugs. Junior is obsessed with her food, and she’ll be sure to let you know when her bowl is empty (aka, when she can see the bottom of it). Junior loves her brother Sox, never straying too far from him, and she would love to have another kitty friend, although it’s not a requirement.

Katie was adopted from BFF as a baby, but was returned due to her suffering allergies.
She has had quite a bit of upheaval over the last 12mths which has caused her to be initially very shy and cautious of new people. Once trust had been established she is an extremely playful and outgoing young lady. Katie adores playtime, and is happiest with playmates of similar size.
Katie has lived in multiple cat household and as a solo cat, she is happier with feline company where she can go crazy in cat play and tumble. If Katie is left alone for long periods he can get lonely and as such finds herself into mischievous unwanted situations.
Katie loves her food, but most food does not agree with her, giving her skin allergies- we have been able to find a low preservative diet that agrees with her allergies diet that is not cost-prohibitive. However, her siblings’ food is most definitely off limits.
Katie loves to sleep alongside foster mum every night, or in a spot of sunlight during the day. Katie can be very high energy / play time is a must for her to expend energy.
Katie has displayed reactions to most preventative flea treatments, but vet Dr Shane has advised she can live in a multi-cat household untreated if other cats/pets are medicated with flea prevention. Katie is untested with small children, however Katie can get frustrated with unwanted attention and as such small children environment would not be recommended. When Katie is stressed she will exhibit mild cat flu symptoms like sneezing and watery eyes, although fully vaccinated- this will be an ongoing condition for her.

To arrange a meet and greet please apply here

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