Best Friends Felines (BFF) is dedicated to rescuing cats and kittens from all over Brisbane and coastal areas.
Whether they are saved from death row from the pound or owner surrendered Best Friends Felines will take them all in.

When they come to BFF they are placed into loving foster homes where they will remain until they find their forever home however long that takes as we have a no kill policy.

Best Friends Felines cats will have all vet work completed whilst in the care of Best Friends Felines, including desexing, microchip & vaccinations. 

Some come in needing more extensive vet work which they will receive in our care.

The adoption fees and donations are the only funding Best Friends Felines receives to assist in continuing to re-home our cats.

To contact us please complete our form on the Contact Us Page.




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Best Friends Felines
Best Friends Felines
Good night from Roo and all of us here at BFF 😘😴
Best Friends Felines
Best Friends Felines
Thursday Night Feature - ROSE

Time in Care: 1 Year

Every morning with Rose starts the same way – once she hears you’re awake, she’s right there to say hello and rub against you for pats. When you get up to get ready and make your breakfast, she follows you like a shadow, excitedly meowing with her voice that sounds like “beep!” as she waits for her food. She loves being picked up for a cuddle before she eats, and will purr her little heart out while rubbing her face against yours. This same routine happens every night for dinner as well.

After her eating routine, she’s off to one of her favourite sleeping spots to groom herself and chill out. She likes keeping you company from a distance – she’ll find a spot by your chair or under your desk and curl up there every day. When you go from room to room she’ll follow after you, and she always gets excited when you go to the kitchen!

Rose is still quite shy after her life on the streets, and isn’t a confident cat – she’ll need time to warm up to a new home and new people. She adores and gains confidence from other cats, so would do great in a multi-cat household. Rose would best suit a quiet home with a family that wants an independent cat who still loves being cuddled and pet a few times every day.

Rose is located in Kingston.

To arrange a meet to see if Rose could be your purrfect match, please submit our meet’n’greet form.
Best Friends Felines
Best Friends Felines

We are super excited to announce that we are hosting our 4th annual bingo event, just in time to tackle the challenges that come with kitten season!

We had so many laughs and endless fun at last year’s bingo event, and are thrilled to have the opportunity to have another amazing night and raise much needed funds. Everyone who has come to our bingo events in the past can attest to how much fun we’ll have, so make sure you’re a part of it. Email us to secure your tickets ASAP!!

Here’s what you need to know to get involved:

Where – Arana Leagues Club

When – Saturday October 22nd

Tickets – $30 inclusive of your bingo booklets and light refreshments

Email –

Tables will be a maximum of 10 people. You do not need to fill a table to book as we can assign groups together ..

We hope to see you there, and as always thank you for your continued support!
Best Friends Felines
Best Friends Felines
Rico kindly sponsored by Laura Ayson, in memory of Claire

Rico's 6 babies are in BFF care
Best Friends Felines
Best Friends Felines
Here we go again this time with the gorgeous little Dublin -

Brought into care 12 weeks ago with 13 other cats from the most appalling of situations ( please see photos at the end to show you where he came from ) . We battled for weeks to get them feeling better, as they all were underweight , sick with flu, ringworm, and some awful skin conditions due to living in their own filth.

Dublin was back and forwards to the vet multiple times - once he had a large ulcer under his tongue, other times for regular check ups and then he was well enough to start his “normal” vetwork. All of this he took in his stride and he remained what we affectionately called him “a stage 5 clinger” as super smoochy.

His profile went up, and he was happily living life then it was noticed his gait became wobbly so it was time for another vet visit.

The vets were concerned but nothing was glaringly obvious in his test results. He was referred to QVS for further specialist tests and still nothing was obvious , they started him on toxo meds as they likely suspect while waiting for results for that test to come back but he declined further and more tests were run and we finally had our diagnosis – FIP.

FIP has always been three little letters we have hated in rescue as it was always a death sentence with a 100% mortality rate and we saw too many of our babies over the rainbow bridge because of it over the many years since we opened.

The is good news that there is a still relatively new treatment for FIP which has had great success but is incredibly expensive.

Dublin commenced treatment immediately as timing is everything with this deadly disease as you need to start administering the drugs straight away or it can proved ineffective , he will be staying till at least Thursday at the specialist centre and we know from Paris and Timmys initial FIP treatment stay the bill is somewhere between 3-4k .

All going well with the beginning of treating he will need two weeks of daily injections at $290 a vial then up to 10 weeks of once daily oral meds which is $300 for 10 tablets.

It’s an incredibly expensive treatment (we cannot wait till another pharmaceutical company also develops it so it can lower in price as gets competitive ) but we know but Dublin deserves the world for all he has been through in his six months of life.

This is the third time this year we have had to do the treatment as yes its ridiculously expensive but how can we say lets only treat the first two of the year and no more or pick and choose which we decide to save so we treat them all due to the fact it just costs too much.

At BFF we take all our little charges seriously and will always go above and beyond for them and never euthanise as it’s just too expensive but we do need your help to raise the several thousand dollars required for this treatment as Dublin deserves the chance to live a long and happy life ,as we did for Timmy and Paris before him , so please donate what you can using the reference – Dublin as we cannot do this without your help .

BANK: Commonwealth Bank Australia
ACCOUNT NAME – Best Friends Felines
BSB – 064171
ACCOUNT NUMBER – 1045 6758

Or via our paypal

We will keep you updated on Dublin and his progress , pics below of his condition to how he arrived into care , his living conditions before BFF which shatter your heart and the transformation to him happy and healthy before he was diagnosed with FIP.