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Our Cat of the week is 

Adoption Profile:

Name: Killarney
DOB: 2014
Gender: Female
Breed: DMH
Adoption Fee: $149
Location: Ferny Grove, Brisbane
Snuggle Scope: is very shy and doesn’t like being picked up, but once she trusts you, she literally turns upside down for pats
Cat Scope: Loves other cats – desperate for a more cuddly pal
Dog Scope: Untested
Child Scope: untested but her shy nature means she is probably not suited to a house with young children
Vet work: Complete
Annual Vaccination Due: 08/01/2022


Killarney came to us from another rescue so we’re not quite sure of her origin story. What we do know is that she is an incredibly sweet girl, that just needs the right family.
As a scaredy cat, Killarney needs a special family that is patient and kind. Her family will need to take the time to make her feel comfortable and build up her trust.
Once she trusts you, this sweet girl loves being patted, nudges up against you and burrows along the ground to get to you. Killarney adores being brushed and chirps at you when she wants your attention.
This ginger floof is a beautiful soul – the gentlest cat in the house and is loved by all the other feline residents. Often called ‘Peace Bringer’ by her foster mum, she is the neutral party in the political battles that break out in a multi cat household.
Not quite understanding that humans are here to help, she flees when you come near her, when meeting new people or when there are loud sounds. Killarney is best when you’re relaxing – she will come and reach up and pat you with a fluffy paw – demanding through little chirps to be patted or brushed.
Killarney is just a super sweet girl that is desperate to be a favourite lap cat – could you be the right family for her?

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