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Our Cat of the week is 

Adoption Profile:
Name: Poppy
DOB: 12/06/23
Gender: Female
Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback Cross
Adoption fee: $600
Location: Highvale (North Brisbane)
Snuggle scope: Loves her humans, both big and small; would love to be on the couch but is respectful of rules and space so she is happy to have a plush bed by your feet; she adores other dogs too and prefers to be touching her foster dog family at all times.
Cat Scope – respectful yet curious
Dog scope – incredibly submissive until she knows she is safe. She loves to play and explore; she is a puppy and desperately loves the interaction with a playmate
Child scope – loves kids and very safe with even little ones (her foster kids are 7 and 10yrs but she has met and does very well with children even younger)

Medical Note – Poppy arrived into care with two broken legs after falling from a bed , she was being fed pasta only in the beginning of her life and the lack of essential nutrients lead to very brittle bones which showed almost translucent on xrays . Poppy had orthopaedic surgery and will require further xrays and scans early in the new year to review her back left hind knee at QVS Northlakes .
This knee may or may not require surgery so for now Poppy needs to reviewed only.
Due to her poor start in life Poppy will need to be de-sexed around 12 months of age when bones as fully capable being splayed for surgery without issue
Both of these procedures and any surgeries required will be paid for in full by the rescue at our nominated vet clinic .
We will be looking at putting Poppy out on a foster to adopt scenario as would love to see her in her forever home while still a puppy to bond with her special family while she awaits for her final vet work to be completed .

Poppy is one of the sweetest puppies you will ever meet. She loves all humans and exudes confidence in all environment. She simply adores other dogs, staying firmly by her foster family dogs side and always touching or in play. She is not a puppy who will wander off on her own but rather stay close to her pack and within the security of her family. She is not one to shy away from a bigger dog; her foster brothers are over 45KG and her biggest one is a large Rhodesian Ridgeback male at over 50KG who plays very kindly with Poppy. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are great family dogs and due to her breed it’s not surprisingly that she is an excellent watch dog event at such a young age. She has a very cute bark and displays many of the RR traits including sleeping on her back! Poppy is already showing signs of being an incredible guard dog she stands her ground (all 14kgs) in play with her massive foster brothers. She adores all dogs showing he is incredibly submissive and kind – always rolling over to show her tummy when she meets a new dog. Poppy is curious about cats and will follow her foster cats around the house but is respectful of their space. Poppy is learning very quickly and has the most beautiful little face and features, she melts hearts. She knows commands such as BED, NO, YES and sit so far. Poppy is crate trained and has started with very basic obedience training. This little girl is eager to please and highly trainable as she is motivated by treats such as chicken. She already knows the command to go to bed and stay. She is fully toilet trained and will prompt with a small bark to request to go outside to toilet. She is absolutely an adorable and playful puppy looking for her forever home! Currently, Poppy is in foster care in Highvale and ready for her meet and greet.

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