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Our Cat of the week is 

Adoption Profile:

Name: Eleni
DOB : 30/4/2019
Gender : Female
Breed: Burmese X
Adoption Fee: $159
Location: Carindale
Snuggle scope: loves cuddles with a loud purr
Cat scope: untested
Dog scope: untested
Child scope : untested
Vet work: 1st vac 14/5/21
Date expected to Leave Care: mid-June
Booster Due : 14/6/21


Eleni came into care with her 4 little sons very scared. But thankfully it only took her a few days to realize that she was safe and people weren’t that scary and now she loves to show off her loud Purr to ask for cuddles nearly as soon as she sees her people. A week after coming into care Eleni showed how much love she has to give by accepting a little orphan kitten that was only a week older than her own, and since then she has had 5 little sons she dotes on. But they’re all growing up now, and while she still loves her sons and indulges them with snuggles and first pick of the food bowls, it’s time for Eleni to look after herself more and find her own home that will give her all the love she deserves. She hasn’t shown much interest in toys yet, but she’s still young and may enjoy playing more after she finishes her motherly duties and focuses on herself. Due to her shy start, she may be a little nervous around strangers at first, and may need a little patience when she first settles into a new home, but Eleni is sure to pay you back with heaps of love.
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