Adoption Profile:

Name: Custard
DOB : 01/11/2022
Gender: Male
Breed: domestic short hair
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Buderim
Snuggle scope: smoochiest cuddliest lap cat you could ever imagine
Cat scope: learning to respect other cats personal space
Dog scope: scared of dogs
Child scope : ok


Hi I’m Custard. If you’re looking for a smoochy, cuddly lap cat to be your bestest friend in the whole wide world, look no further- I’m your man!
My foster mum says my motor starts as soon as I see her and when she stops patting me I demand more! I’m looking for a human of my own who lets me have cuddles their lap and give me lots of attention. I tolerate other cats but would really like all the attention to myself. I don’t understand that other animals like personal space- who doesn’t want cuddles?! I find new places a little bit scary but am fine if my human is there to pat me.
I’m still only young and working out the world. My foster mum says I’m very innocent and a big baby at heart. I even prefer to be carried like a child, wrapping my paws gently around my humans neck to hold on.
I like pats and cuddles, and games, and pats and cuddles, and feeds, and pats and cuddles and a brush, and pats and cuddles, and chilling with my human but most of all I love pats and cuddles. If that sounds like you , I’d love to meet you!

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