Adoption Profile:

Name: Kuro
DOB : 18/5/2023
Gender : Male
Breed: DMH
Adoption Fee: $200
Location: Alderley
Snuggle scope: very cuddly
Cat scope: great after intro
Dog scope: good after intro
Child scope: untested, would be fine with gentle kids


Medical notes:
Kuro has an underbite and his lower jaw is slightly misaligned. This caused some teeth to poke into his mouth and have been removed, leaving him with his incisors and upper canines.
Kuro was also born with Eyelid Agenesis on one eye, which is where the eyelid doesn’t form properly. It can cause issues with hair and eyelashes rubbing on the eye. He has had corrective surgery to remove the problem hairs. The surgery has caused some of the hair to grow back white, but that just gives him an adorable unique look.
Kuro is an adorable, sweet, goofy and loving little guy with a super soft coat and little curls. Kuro loves his people and meeting new humans. He’s even been a happy cuddly boy during his vet visits and the vet once said he has a lawn mower not a heart! as he purrs so much. He likes hanging out on lounges and beds keeping you company – or stealing your seat. He loves to twist, roll and stretch into silly napping positions – which he insists are comfy! Upside down with his curly belly fluff in the air is seemingly his default position.
Kuro loves having a kitty friend, and is pretty good at making them. He’s then quickly darting about wrestling with them or curling up together for a rest.
Kuro might have a medical note with his profile, but he doesn’t let that hold him back, and he’s pretty much like any other kitty now, just with a unique look. He’s got so much love to give and would love a family with just as much love for him too.

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