Adoption Profile:
Name: Orson
DOB: 9/11/23
Gender: Male
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $225
Location: Palm Beach
Snuggle scope: Snuggly
Cat scope: great!
Dog scope: Untested, no known issues
Child scope: Untested, no known issues

Orson is a striking bear cub of a kitten, with a burly, snuggly, come play with me attitude. With tigerish tabby markings, and soft, long fur down his back he has a sweet nature and loves to be around whatever is happening.
Calm and affectionate, Orson gets on well with other cats, loving the times he gets a lick and a bit of attention from them. He’s playful, a great companion and is often found cuddled up with other kittens or sleeping nearby his people.

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