Adoption Profile:
Name: Flossy
DOB: 19/11/2007
Gender: Female
Breed: Ragdoll
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Strathpine
Snuggle Scope: Snuggles and cuddles on her own terms
Cat Scope: Does not like other cats and needs to be the only puss.
Dog Scope: not sure
Child Scope: not sure

Flossy is a sweetie and has a lot of love to give, but on her terms as is befitting of the grand old lady that she is. She is happy, healthy and thriving and an affectionate and sassy cat who just loves people. She loves her food and waking up her carer at 4am! She has a gorgeous soft white coat which is growing back from a shave earlier this year.
When 16 year old Flossy’s owner passed away, she found herself passed on to someone who mistreated her. She moved homes again but the people temporarily caring for her moved away and couldn’t care for her any longer.
Knowing the likely fate for a senior lady, she was taken in by BFF to help her enjoy her twilight years. Flossy does not like other cats so would be best in a solo home so she can get all the attention she wants without having to share and can be spoilt and adored with no other cats in her space.
Now Flossy’s dental work has been done and she is healthy she is looking for the perfect retirement home to settle in for the rest of her life.

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