Adoption Profile:
Name: Avalon
DOB: 04/10/23
Gender: Female
Breed: Scottish Fold
Adoption Fee: $200
Location: Mount Nathan, Gold Coast
Snuggle scope: shy initially but will warm up once she knows you
Cat scope: curious & wants to get to know the other cats. (gentle)
Dog scope: untested but should be fine
Child scope: shy initially but will interact during play after a little while

Avalon came from less than an ideal situation, and had spent much of her early life in a cage with minimum handling. Once in care, Avalon has proved that she has a very sweet disposition, but is initially a shy little girl, which is expected with her background.
She loves the company of her younger “brother” Merlin, and makes little chirping sounds when she is looking for him or for her carer. Although initially shy, she comes out of her shell once she knows you and is super sweet & gentle. She would benefit from having another cat or pet around to keep her company.
This sweet girl is proving that time and love is bringing out the amazing cat trapped inside her, so she’s looking for someone who is prepared to be patient and continue working with her, and they will be rewarded with an amazing little buddy.

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