Adoption Profile:

Name: Gilmore
Age: 11/9/20
Gender: Male
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $159
Location: Cashmere
Snuggle scope: Likes a cuddle on his terms
Cat scope: Good with other cats
Dog scope: Is great with the resident dogs
Child scope: Good with gentle children
Vetwork: Compete
Booster Due: 18/01/22


Gilmore is a stunning little man who earned his name after the movie “Happy Gilmore” as he has such a gorgeous, happy disposition! Even though Gilmore is a happy little soul he is quite timid when meeting new people and will shy away until he feels comfortable enough to come out of hiding. Once you have won his trust there is no turning back.
Gilmore is an absolute sweetheart, with a lot of energy. If you are doing something, he needs to be right there with you figuring out what you are doing and offering his assistance. Gilmore loves to help with the chores, he will help mop the floor by chasing the mop and skidding on the wet floor, he also helps to clean the benches by chasing your cleaning cloth and he absolutely loves to help make the bed, I’m not quite sure how helpful he really is but he does make it a lot of fun.
While he isn’t over the top smoochy, he will let you pick him up for cuddles, and will happily come and either sit beside you or curl up on your lap on the couch and receive as many smooches as you are willing to give him. Gilmore loves to hop into bed for a snuggle in the early hours of the morning, especially when it is cold.
Gilmore loves his foster sister, and they will often be chasing each other through the house or throwing a toy in the air and chasing it. Gilmore gets along with most of the grumpy adult felines in the home and I will often find him snuggled up with one of them on a chair snoozing the day away.
This little man is pure love and entertainment and would make a wonderful addition to any home, but he will need a playmate to keep him company.

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