What is BFFs Last Litter program ?

In 2017 we started the LLP and we desexed 20 mum’s as part of the program and each year we aim to do the same after it proved to be a huge success.
Our Last Litter program is designed to reduce the number of endless litters that come with the end of year kitten explosion which sees every rescue and pounds across Australia overflow at the seams.

The basics are simple – BFF will take the ENTIRE litter to rehome through BFF and in return we will desex mum and return her to the owners free of charge. Babies will be desexed, microchipped and have a course of vaccinations prior to leaving our care.
Last Litter mums will receive desexing only. This year we are seeking sponsors for each of the last litter mums. This will assist us in keeping this program up and running while not having to lessen the amount of rescue intakes which helps ease our financial burden as we are a Not For Profit organisation. For the most part, we run at a loss with every single cat in care unless they come to us fully healthy and fully vetted which is actually very rare. Adoption fee’s do not match bills for vet work – which no cat leaves BFF without having completed.

If you are willing to Sponsor a Last Litter mum for a desex cost of $135 (an average of our different vets female desex costs) please email Nikki at [email protected]

​ If you have a mum you would like to put through our Last Litter program, please use our Last Litter application form to discuss availability of placement.

PLEASE NOTE: places are limited and 100% dependent on the availability of space within our foster carers and sponsors for mum.

Thank You so much to our sponsors!

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