Adoption Profile:

Name: Leila
DOB: 14/05/2020
Breed: Domestic Short Hair 
Gender: Female
Location: The Gap
Adoption Fee: $170
Snuggle Scope: Not a fan of being held, but can be picked up
Cat Scope: Fine with slow introduction
Dog Scope: Fine with slow introduction
Child Scope: Untested, but older gentle children 10+ years


Leila is a friendly and funny girl. She will come running as you enter the room, wrapping herself around your legs and then flopping to the floor and stretching out, inviting lots of patting, chin scratches and belly rubs (which she very rarely objects to). Although craving the attention from her carer, Leila can be wary of newcomers/strangers and will run and hide herself away. But with the temptation of treats and a toy, it doesn’t take her long to come out and play.
Leila is a stunning black panther, and her coat is shiny and soft with the occasional bit of white fur poking through. She loves to play, and her antics continue to bemuse her carer daily, and she enjoys living life to the fullest.
Leila also loves her food, and will head bop your hand and weave and brush up against you as if to say ‘hurry up I am starving’ if you are slow to put food into her bowl.
Leila loves to chase small soft balls, and will jump up and catch them, swat them around and could be the next Olympic Soccer Goalkeeper with her skills. Leila also loves to run back and forth through the tunnel, chasing the balls or anything else that is thrown through.
When it is time to rest, she would appreciate a well-placed cat tree or a windowsill/doorway where she can go and watch the world go by.
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