Adoption Profile:

Name: Leylani
DOB: 25/06/2020
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Gender: Female
Location: Ferny Grove
Adoption Fee: $170
Snuggle Scope: Not there yet, but improving daily
Cat Scope: Fine with slow introductions.
Dog Scope: Fine with slow introductions
Child Scope: Untested. Older gentle children 10+ years as still unsure of human
Medical Note: Leylani came into care, suffering severe gingivitis. After several rounds of antibiotics, the decision was made to do a full extraction. This has cleared up the infection, but regular monitoring should be carried out.


Leylani (Lani for short), when she first came into care, was scared and in severe pain. She would, when approached, lash out. She would hide wherever she could, hissing and indicating to not come any closer. However, when there was just her and her sister Leila, she would come out and they would play.
Lani is, very interested in playing with the toys, wand toys/ bouncy balls and her favourite the red dot tower. She plays very gently, when she can put aside her fear of humans, and is interested in any game that is being played.
Now that her teeth have been removed, Lani eats without pain, but is a little slow. So softer foods with no large chunks of meat are best. Creamy treats and small dry treats are her vice, and she will happily munch on dry biscuits until she can swallow them.
She will now play, when in the openness of the whole house, play with the tunnels and balls, bottle caps and cardboard rolls, with her sister, when the humans aren’t around.
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